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Established in 2014 with a clear objective of offering knowledgeable and friendly services at competitive rates.

We specialise in supplying the highest quality, crystal clear Ice Cubes, Dry Ice, Crushed Ice and Ice Blocks.

We produce and distribute filtered and microbiologically tested ice to ensure you receive the highest quality product every time.

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Ice Cubes

Perfect for chilling or serving in your bar, restaurant, nightclub or at home.

Delivered in 12kg bags. Minimum delivery of 5 bags.

Crushed Ice

Used for cocktails, smoothies, iced coffee or as a bed for fresh produce. Its flexibility allows for endless uses.

Delivered in 12kg bags. Minimum delivery of 5 bags.

Ice Blocks

Blocks of ice have almost the same characteristics of a diamond. Clarity and colour are appreciated in equal terms, less colour and clearer, the better its quality is.

Our Ice Blocks are crystal clear measuring 50x25x25cm and weigh approximately 27kg

Dry Ice

Strictly for visual and cooling effects, not for consumption.

Use it for parties, stage productions or to rapidly cool temperature sensitive products.

Delivered in multiples of 5kg.

Pre Cut Ice Cubes

Crystal clear cut to size cubes of ice.

Prices vary per size. Contact us for prices.

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